James Anaya is an anomaly- a Southern California native who found a home in Seattle’s reclusive weather and attitude. More defining is his career as a Soul / Rock & Roll singer + songwriter who can be found performing solo or with his captivating 5 - 9 piece band, James Anaya & The Current.  James’ inspirations are deeply rooted in late 60’s and early 70’s Soul, Rock n Roll, and Blues music. Over the last 5 years James has been on a journey defining what IS James Anaya Music.

   Most of James’ songs are stories of love, or the lack thereof- that and just a pinch of a realists attitude.  In early 2018 James Anaya & The Current brought listeners their self titled EP, followed by the dreamers favorite “Jimmy Dream On”, a song meant to empower the dreamer; a song to encourage people to unapologetically be and accept themselves; a song meant to encourage the listener to press on through adversity. On November 22nd, 2019 James released is a new single titled “I’m sorry, Love”, a special tune featuring background vocals by members of Seattles The Highsteppers and pedal steel by Kevin Stiles.

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